Josie Decker


As a recent San Francisco transplant by way of Chicago, I enjoy using creativity to visually communicate branding, advertising and marketing strategies. I have a strong work-ethic and a positive attitude. I thrive in a challenging, diverse and deadline-driven atmosphere and enjoy working with other like-minded creative individuals.

Having said that, a 'pretty design' is nothing without proven results. I would like to be part of a team that successfully helps their clients reach new markets...or...compels their current clientele to retain brand loyalty.

• Publication/Editorial Design (page layout)
• Print Advertising
• Web Ads/Digital Assets
• Corporate Collateral Marketing
• Logo Design/Brand Identity
• Custom Marketing and Promotional Pieces

I have a constant thirst for knowledge and never stop perfecting my craft, both creatively and technically. Having spent enough time in the trenches, I know when to be the “churn n’ burn production artist,” but can easily switch gears to become the “detail oriented design diva.” My favorite type of challenge is when I can incorporate the best of both... always with grace and a sense of humor.